Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Well, I bought 9 new roses at the end of December to try (or retry). Still need to clean the garden out some more as I do believe the order I made from Vintage Gardens several years ago will be shipping in a month or two.

From Antique Rose Emporium:

*Madame Isaac Pereire (this is a retry as the first struggled due to location and, I believe, over-watering via the irrigation system)

*Souvenir de la Malmaison (I've heard so much about this one, I just had to try it)

From Heirloom Roses (I do so hate bands, but what are you going to do?):

*William Shakespeare (this one is performing the best so far - put on a growth spurt)

*Climbing Devoniensis (I've been wanting to give this rose a shot for forever - ironically, this one is the smallest, most pitiful band so far)

*Souvenir du President Lincoln (I wanted some more intensely colored roses)

*French Lace (this one is a rose I am determined to grow somehow, despite losing a band of it previously after it actually bloomed - I love the scent, and it's so beautiful)

From Chamblee's (first time ordering - very small bands, look rough):


*Jude the Obscure (third try - my first fabulous Jude was from HR, but the heat got it; second was from David Austin and looked and smelled nothing like the HR version, so I trashed it; I'm hoping this one from Chamblee's will be a good one, though I may just have to order another from HR)

*The Prince

One never knows with the Austins whether they'll do well or completely fail. I tried Falstaff and it was just the most pitiful thing ever. Died very quickly. Fisherman's Friend and Heritage persevere. Pat Austin and Belle Story also hang in there. I've given up on Lordly Oberon.

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